A humourous title it may be, but the reason behind setting up this blog is serious business. I invite you to join me on a long hard mission to lose weight, get fit and get pregnant! I apologise in advance for any insane ramblings, tears and tantrums that may occur along the way...

Sunday, 8 January 2012

#9 - Week 1 Weigh In Results

Drumroll please...

4.5 lbs loss!!!!!!!


I said I was aiming for 4 lbs loss for this week so an extra half lb on top of that is welcomed with a smidgen of glee! I was a little worried after the mid week weigh ins and not seeing the scales move but the hard work has paid off.

After last night's funny turn I am feeling much better and back on track. I just hope the pizza doesn't affect next week's result.

So today is a fairly busy day. I have some housework to do then my brother is dropping my baby nephew off for a couple of hours. Mummy and Daddy have some things they need to get done today so I am more than happy to be on babysitting duty.

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to spend time with a little boy as scrumptious as this...?

He is 11 months old as of yesterday.

OK updating on the go here. Just as I was typing this out I received a text message from my brother to say that Aston (the nephew) is going to his Grandad's instead but they will try to pop in to see me if they have time. I cant argue with that. The Grandad is question is my brother's girlfriend's Dad. He is going through a very rough time right now. I won't go into detail but a couple of major things have happened and I think he needs all the love and support of his family right now. So Aston can brighten up his afternoon and if I get time to see him too? Bonus.

Much love


  1. Thats awesome em! You can so do this! X

  2. Wooooowww what a good start!!! Keep it up!!! XXX