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Saturday, 7 January 2012

#8 - Oh, The Dramatic Irony...

I guess got what I deserved tonight!

Tonight was the dreaded meal out with some lovely ladies from work. I was having such a lovely time with them.

I had a minestrone soup starter, possibly the healthiest thing on the menu. It was a watery vegetable/herby stock packed full of lovely roughly chopped veg. Courgette, carrot, cabbage and celery. Very nice too.

Then I turned naughty and instead of going for the pasta dish I went for the margherita pizza and shared a bowl of fries with the girls. It was very nice, despite me being aware it was a very naughty treat for week one of my new eating regime.

Then ten minutes after eating I was doubled up in agony with stomach cramps. I won't go into gory details but I dashed to the bathroom 3 times in ten mintes, leaving the girls a bit worried. In the end I had to phone my poor husband and order him to pick me up immediately. I left my money on the table and dashed out with a quick "G'bye" for everyone and profuse apologies for running out before we were finished. We were going to go to some pubs down the quay after the meal. I felt terrible leaving them all like that.

I am home and it had settled a bit now but I have to wonder what caused it.

Could it be the massive increase of fruit to my diet this week and my body readjusting to this way of eating again? Or could it be the fact that I ate bread today for the first time in a week and actually have an intolerance that has gone unnoticed in the past?

Either way it was not a pleasant end to what WAS a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

First official weigh in tomorrow morning. I will be back with the results. I hope it is a good result after the hard work I have put in over the last seven days (this evening aside of course).

Much love,

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  1. If i eat a heavier meal i go for walks,2 hours walk with no breaks.So one can treat your self with good food.I'm going to treat myself with pizza and sallad today.I dont do it often but when i do it i dont feel guilty.Thats waste of energy.