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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

#6 - Willpower: I HAS IT!

Current mood: Victorious

So yesterday I said I was contemplating taking my own lunch into work to avoid having to eat the buffet lunch being laid on.

I stuck to my word. While everyone else tucked into big chunks of bread, quiche, pringles, cheesecake etc I sat with my little box of fruit salad (Just green grapes, strawberries and honeydew melon today as there were no raspberries at the supermarket yesterday...sob), a fat free yoghurt, some mini light babybels and a cereal bar.

I also left the staffroom as soon as someone walked in bearing a big bag of biscuits. GO ME!!

I am feeling strong today. I think I may be finally remembering that feeling of power and motivation I had two years ago when I first joined Slimming World. I'm making conscious choices, good choices and hopefully I shall see the rewards when I weigh in next Monday.

For tea I made a huge syn free vegetarian roast dinner. I was famished when I got home. It's all well and good eating fruit for lunch but it does burn off rather quickly. I suppose the good thing that comes out of that is that I eat at tea time when I am hungry not just because it is routine. I appreciate it a heck of a lot more.

With any luck I will soon stop feeling so bloated. I remember a couple of weeks into the plan last time I had a sudden realisation that my stomach didn't feel full of stodge anymore. I felt detoxed in my own way.

There has also been a lot of support from friends and colleagues so I have to keep going now to prove myself to them all over again.

I can do it! Today I finally feel like I believe it too.

Positive mental attitude!!

Much love

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