A humourous title it may be, but the reason behind setting up this blog is serious business. I invite you to join me on a long hard mission to lose weight, get fit and get pregnant! I apologise in advance for any insane ramblings, tears and tantrums that may occur along the way...

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

14 - Week 4 Weigh In Results

Ooops I am a little late in sharing my weigh in results, so this is just a quickie to let you all know at this week...

I lost 1lb.

That takes my total loss to 9.5lbs.

Not bad for one month. I have had a few dodgy days already since weigh in so not predicting anything special this week. A loss would be good. Anything less and I will be very disappointed in myself.


  1. 9.5 lbs is amazing going so far!! Keep it up....every pound counts!!! :-) Think you are doing a fantastic thing!

  2. You're doing fab!! Well on your way now! x