A humourous title it may be, but the reason behind setting up this blog is serious business. I invite you to join me on a long hard mission to lose weight, get fit and get pregnant! I apologise in advance for any insane ramblings, tears and tantrums that may occur along the way...

Monday, 2 January 2012

#5 - Stocked Up and Ready For Action!

Somehow, we managed to spend £80 on our grocery shop today!

I said I needed to stock up the fridge, freezer and cupboards with all the foods and ingredients I needed for success and stock them up I did. We also bumped into my little brother, his missus and my baby nephew so unexpected cuddles and smiles were in order.

I do feel a lot better today knowing I have everything I need here now. Yesterday I was really just going through the motions, cobbling together meals that I knew would keep me within my daily allowance. Today I feel I have much more freedom to chose really well and not feel like I am missing out on anything.

I made one of my favourite Slimming World style meals tonight.

I call it 'Chee's Chili Hotpot!'

It's called that because my husband calls me Chee. Therefore, it is my chili hotpot! It's brilliant for cold winter nights and very filling. It is mostly syn free, apart from the chili sauce which works out at approximately 5/6 syns for the whole meal.

It's very easy to make:

Heat up 1 tin of sweetcorn, 1 tin of red kidney beans and one tin of baked beans. Add the chili sauce (I use a jar of Tesco's Mild Chili Sauce) and add a packet (or however many individual) quorn sausages chopped up...and obviously cooked! Serve with steamed new potatoes et voila! Minimal fuss, maximum taste, minimal syn damage.

I allowed myself a packet of French Fries as my 'synful' treat tonight. Well earned too!

Tomorrow I head back to work, sadly to a conference day with lunch provided so I either look like an idiot and sit with my own lunch while everyone eats from the buffet, or I just try to choose wisely from the lunch provided. I almost want to go own the idiot route and take my own big boxful of fruit salad. It will be a great little victory for me if I do that.

So today, I guess my current mood is: Determined!

Much love,


  1. The chilli hotspot sounds yum! Shame I'm allergic to chilli! Haha. What do you drink throughout the day? When I lost 3 st I was drinking 5 litres of plain water a day because it flushes out your kidneys and allows your liver to work at full capacity burning fat! Try keeping a 2litre bottle with you at all times; you'll pee like a camel for the first 5 days but you will adjust. Fills you up too!

  2. I need to increase my intake of water again. I usually have a bottle of water on the go all day. I have let it slip lately. I usually have a bottle full at work all day and get through 2 on average at work, but have been drinking diet drinks at home. Time to shelve the fizzies and get back to glugging water at home too.

    I remember the peeing all day from last time I was on Slimming World. I must have left the room every half an hour to run to the loo!